Writing is not only for individuals. There's a lot to write in marketing agencies, communication departments, and research institutions, to name but a few. Writing is everywhere, and larger teams and organizations also need a great writing tool.

Until now, the only option to purchase Ulysses was as an individual through the App Store, ignoring the needs of teams. However, this has changed: Businesses and organizations can now obtain multiple licenses at once via the Ulysses website.

Each license is valid for use on one Mac, one iPad and one iPhone. Administrators can conveniently manage the licenses, distribute them to their team members, and, of course, redistribute them in case of personal changes. The end users can activate their licenses through a link they receive per email.

Aside from the purchase process, Ulysses remains the good ol' Ulysses you know and love. Every user in a team or organization can use it to write without distractions, to organize their writing projects, feed a company blog (as I'm doing at this very moment), check their texts for grammar and style issues, share a text as PDF file via email, and much more.

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