If you’re one of the (what feels like) thousands of people that “occasionally” nagged us on Twitter or via email, you probably know that we have been working on an iPhone version since May. Yep, May. You might also have asked for iOS 9 Split View support. Or you’re now a proud owner of an iPad Pro and are rightfully wondering when Ulysses will be optimized for that, too. Well…

…there is finally an answer to all your questions: We will bring Ulysses to iPhone. And iPad Pro. And optimize it for iOS 9. Yes, Split View. Yes, Slide Over. Yes, Spotlight, Sharing Extension and Discoverability. Yes, Medium export will also come to iPad. And iPhone. And iPad Pro. Yes, it will be a universal app: One purchase, install on every mobile device. Yes, it will be a free update for existing customers.

And yes, there is a beta. Now. Today. Well, at least the registration for it – testing itself will begin next week. All you need to do is to apply here.

We have no release date to announce yet. If all goes well and depending on the feedback we get during the test, we hope to have is generally available in the first quarter of 2016. Until then: Thank you all for your support and care!