First-off: This is mainly a bug fix release. Most will probably notice no difference (and that’s a good thing), while others will find all of their 1.2-problems addressed. Check the release notes of our Quick Fix Release for details.

However, there’s one substantial change, and if you heavily rely on Markdown, this change should make you happy.

Inline links for Markdown

We had tons of requests, and we gave it a lot of thought, and we finally decided to switch from reference links to inline links when copying/exporting to Markdown. This should greatly improve compatibility with Pandoc, Marked, Deckset and such. Also, if you’re using Markdown files in External Sources, you can now select whether to use inline links or of reference links for all sheets/documents.

We’re well aware that this might upset those of you who (like us) love their links reference-style, always, but we had to go for the lowest common denominator here, in order to keep it simple. We’re already looking into ways to make this optional in all cases (export, copying, Sources), without opening a can of worms.

The update should be live already, available on the Mac App Store. Have fun!