The latest version of Ulysses for Mac just went live on the Mac App Store. It features, among other things, direct publishing of drafts to the Medium network. You can read all about it on Medium, so I won’t go into depth here, but needless to say we’re very excited. Medium publishing will also make it to the iPad and (forthcoming) iPhone versions, of course. We just didn’t have the time to ship all three at once this time around…

So, what else? El Capitan was released a little over a week ago, and it brought along a couple of interface changes. We’re happy to announce that Ulysses 2.2 is now fully compatible with OS X 10.11, and that includes Full Screen Split View as well as the new system font (San Francisco).

We also took the newly introduced UI conventions and applied them to Ulysses wherever we saw fit. For example, the sidebars no longer feature buttons on the bottom (new/gear, search bar), but instead these functions have been moved to hover states or toolbar buttons respectively. Other changes are more subtle, and if you won’t notice them, we’ve done a good job.

Last not least, we had a look at how toolbars behave in both Full Screen and windowed mode, and we added an option to switch the auto-hiding behavior in both modes. Essentially, you can now let Ulysses hide the toolbar in windowed mode (as soon as you scroll or enter some text), and you can have it always shown in Full Screen (as opposed to let it slide in when mousing at the top of your screen). Both options work independently, of course, and they make for some really beautiful and productive environment in El Capitan.

Just get a nice desktop picture, then hide the menu bar (System Preferences › General › Appearance), then disable Ulysses’ “Always Show Toolbar” option in the View menu.

As Max put it: “Can’t beat minimal.”

Of course, Ulysses for Mac 2.2 also features bug fixes and the occasional improvement, but that’s nothing to brag about, so I’ll leave it at this.

Go grab the update (it’s free for existing users), and let us know how you like it. Be sure to check out our Medium integration – we truly believe it’s something special.

Have fun!