The latest release, Ulysses 22, included various smaller features and improvements in addition to the “biggies”. In a series of quick tips, we want to introduce some of them and explain how they can benefit your writing workflow.

You don’t need to explicitly know anything about this improvement to enjoy its handiness, but we’ll tell you anyway. 😜 On Mac, we’ve had it for a long time; with version 22 it came to iPad and iPhone: Ulysses remembers your scroll position.

If you, for example, are proofreading a looong text, and you have to look up something that’s written down in another sheet, when you’ll come back to the first text, you’ll land... exactly where you left off. No need to scroll and search.

Note: There’s no setting to toggle this — Ulysses will remember your scroll position in a sheet without you telling it to do so. It just works — go and try for yourself.