UPDATE: Change in plans…

Oh, folks, here we go again. Another day, another announcement. This one marks a slight change in direction for your favorite text editor, as from now on, we will focus major releases around certain use cases.

That’s a mouthful, alright, so let me elaborate.

If 1.0 was the foundation, 1.1 was the house. And with 1.2, we’re starting to decorate the rooms. And we will do so one room at a time.

First room: The Bloggers’ room.

The next update will see us leveraging the metaWeblog XML-RPC API, to plug Ulysses III right into your favourite blogging engines.

So whether you’re running a self-hosted blog or are using an online-service such as WordPress.com, chances are high that 1.2 will allow you to publish your work directly from within the app. No more copy and paste, no more switching between browsers, you know the drill, you hate it as much as everybody else.

But we won’t stop there. Among other things, we will add support for sheet meta data (yay!) and additional image attributes. So, yes, we will finally let you set the width, height and… classes and IDs of images.

Classes. IDs.

There’s more to this, but I guess you already wish the update was closer than it appears. Patience, my friends, patience.