Ulysses is a sponsor of NaNoWriMo 2016, and we’re inviting all participants to write their novels with Ulysses (for free). Our offer also includes an introductory video, a free email course to get the most of Ulysses, and app giveaways during the NaNoWriMo season.

Last week we called on you to send in the first 100 words of the novel you’re currently writing. Notably, 51 Wrimos interrupted their work to do just that. Thank you so much! This morning, Eline, Lara, Martin, and Rebekka stopped programming, answering customer emails and planning marketing activities, respectively – in order to read your novel beginnings. Respect, you seem to get some great stories going! We certainly had a lot of fun, and the decision was not an easy one. Here is our favorite, by Jessica Hewlett:

And that’s the jury’s verdict:

“We have decided on Jessica Hewlett’s entry: Her first hundred words take us to an ordinary home with a disturbing twist. From the outside looking in, everything seems to be quite normal, however, the untold story about why a bloody knife enters the scene leaves a lot to the imagination. As the main character leaves the family unnoticed, our interest in these circumstances was piqued, and we would like to find know: What on earth happened there?”

Jessica Hewlett receives a free license of Ulysses for Mac for her future writings. Congratulations! The runner-up winning entries, which are also awarded with a free Ulysses for Mac license, came from:

Dee Mirai
Ana Diaz Barriga
Lauren Wilde

Congratulations to you, too! All winners will receive their prize via email.

Thanks to everyone who participated! If you’re not among the winners… try it again. This week’s giveaway is as easy as pie:

5 x Ulysses for Mac for New Newsletter Subscribers


We will raffle 5 licenses among all new subscribers of the bi-weekly Ulysses newsletter.

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  2. Confirm that you’re not a robot, enter a valid email address, and click “Subscribe” to confirm.
  3. The competition runs from today to November 20, 2016. That is, anyone who subscribes for the newsletter in this period — and still is on the list when we draw the winners —, will automatically enter the raffle.
  4. The winners will be chosen randomly on November 21, 2016.

Good luck, and happy writing!