It looks a bit different around here, doesn’t it? For the last couple of months we’ve been working on reshaping our blog, and now it’s finally done! From today on, we’ll present announcements, interviews and Ulysses tips on a new platform, with a new layout and new categories!

A New Platform

The new blog is a Ghost blog. As you may be aware, we added the ability to publish to Ghost with Ulysses last year; the integration had been requested by many users. During the development of this new feature we came to believe that Ghost, because of its slickness and simplicity, could also be a good solution for our own blog. WordPress is undoubtedly a powerful content management system and blogging system beyond compare, however, it’s a bit too powerful and offers too many options and tools for our relatively small company blog. So, here we go: bye-bye WordPress, hello Ghost!

A New Design

On the new blog, we will now be presenting our articles and posts in a fresh design which also works a lot (a lot!) better on mobile devices. On the landing page, the new index cards as well as highlighted posts and category sections help getting an overview of the available posts. Search — available through the magnifying glass in the menu on the top right — is more comfortable to use and now displays the results in a preview. And, finally, a real footer helps to navigate the blog!

Regarding the posts themselves, we redefined spacing, typography and the handling of images; also, each post now has a defined header image that serves as a thumbnail on the landing page.

We also improved the consistency of the navigation, colors, and typography between the blog and our other websites. Coherence in our visual appearance is still a work in progress; however, we believe the blog relaunch is an important step into the right direction.

A New Order

In the course of relaunching the blog’s design and migrating to a new platform we also cleaned up a little bit and defined new categories:

  • News — Here we’ll announce new versions, introduce new features, and inform you about other changes such as the blog relaunch.
  • Ulysses Tips — Start here if you are seeking advice and tips for making the most of Ulysses.
  • Writing — This is where you’ll find our interviews with authors as well as general tips and inspiration about writing.
  • Background — Find out more about the people behind Ulysses, our processes and our philosophy.

You can browse these categories via the blog’s footer, or by clicking/tapping the category of any article.

We hope you like the new blog as much as we do, so please do take the time and look around a little bit. Have fun!