If you’re working on macOS, Ulysses 22 brings you updated panels with improved functionality for Markup, Navigation, and Quick Export. Here’s why you should use them.

When it comes to efficiency, panels can be game-changers: they help you access specific actions faster and can be controlled entirely with keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to work mouse-free. Time to get familiar with panels!

The Markup Panel

What it’s good for: sneak a peek at the list of available markup tags and quickly apply them.

Press ⌘9 (command-9) to see a list of all markup elements in Ulysses:

The markup panel is smart. Select a text area in Ulysses’ editor and the panel will suggest only those tags that make sense with your selection.

To search for a specific tag, simply start typing. Use ↑/↓ (up/down arrow) to navigate to a tag and press (return) to apply it:

The Navigation Panel

What it does: helps you to navigate long documents with ease.

Press ⌘8 (command-8) to see an overview of all headlines in the currently selected sheet. Use the ↑/↓ (up/down arrow) keys to jump to a specific headline.

Start typing to search for a specific heading. This will bring up a list with all possible results from which you can select the heading of your choice:

The Quick Export Panel

Why it’s useful: allows you to export your text with just a couple of keystrokes.

Bring up the quick export panel with ⌘6 (command-6). Hit the ↑/↓ (up/down arrow) keys to switch formats:

To change the default action, press (tab). You can either preview your text, copy it to the clipboard, save it to disk, open it in another application or share it, e.g. via mail:

Confirm with (return) to execute the selected action. Once it has been performed, the panel will automatically close and the focus will move back to Ulysses’ editor so that you can instantly continue writing. To manually close a panel, simply press  esc (escape).

And that’s the magic of smart panels. Have fun applying your newly gained knowledge!