It has not been long since our developer team returned from San Francisco, where they attended Apple’s World Wide Developers’ Conference. You’ve probably heard about it — that’s where independent developers for Apple platforms meet up every year. It is a great opportunity to learn everything about what’s going on with Apple’s hard- and software, and network with fellow geeks, Apple executives and press representatives. And of course to receive an award honoring “Outstanding Design and Innovation”.

Max, Götz and Friedrich travelled to San Francisco packed with Ulysses T-shirts, promo licenses for our apps, pins and stickers — just the kind of stuff developers use to bring to conferences. It was a successful and busy week, but there are still some left-overs. As we’re still very excited about having received the Apple Design Award — and we would never have gotten there without you, the world’s best users —, we would like to give them to you.

So, Here Is What We Have:

  • Men’s T-shirt, color dark heather blue, size XL (2 items)
  • Men’s T-shirt, color opal beige, size XL (1 item)
  • Women’s T-shirt, color opal beige, size XS (1 item)
  • Women’s T-shirt, color opal beige, size S (2 items)
  • Women’s T-shirt, color opal beige, size M (2 items)
  • Women’s T-shirt, color plum, size S (1 item)
  • Ulysses for Mac (9 promo codes)
  • Ulysses for iPad and iPhone (8 promo codes)
  • Ulysses logo stickers and pins (10 packages)

And Here Is How to Get Them:

Send an email to, and include the exact description of the item you would like to win in the subject line. You can send us more than one email in total, but we’ll consider you only once per item.

As for the promo licenses, they must be redeemed immediately, because they’re expiring in only a couple of days. That is, if you win a license and pass it on to a loved one (You’ve already got Ulysses, don’t you?), please point this out.

The raffle closes Sunday, July 3, at midnight San Francisco time (which is Monday, July 4, 9:00 am in Germany). The winners will get notified by email. The decision is final.

Good luck!