Whenever you want to dress up your Ulysses writings for their readers, you rely on styles. On the Style Exchange you can find a wide choice of user-created styles for various purposes and tastes… And still, we’re suspecting that there is considerable untapped style potential out there.

So, if you ever played with the idea to create your own style, you should probably begin today. If you already have a customized style up your sleeve, now is a good time to share it with the world. We would love if you did – and that’s why we’re running a small competition and raffle three licenses for Ulysses for iPad. Here is how it works:

  1. Build your own style for Rich Text, i.e. for PDF or RTF export.
  2. Upload it until April 30 to the Ulysses Style Exchange.
  3. Tweet us the link to your style, or post it on Facebook. Include some words about it: What is special? What is it meant for? Who will enjoy it?
  4. A jury – not exactly independent, but at least interdisciplinary, with team members from development, support and communication – will then nominate the three most stylish, uhm, styles. Their creators will each receive one free license for Ulysses for iPad.

Are you up to tinkering with a style but feel like an absolute beginner? Read this post to get started. For details, consult the complete Ulysses Style Sheet Reference. Please note: For the time being, creating styles is only possible with Ulysses for Mac. If you don’t own it, you can make use of our free demo.

Have fun tinkering! We can hardly wait to see the results.