Ulysses 15 is coming! We’re currently in the process of beta testing, smoothing and polishing the new version. In the meantime, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the new features.

Keywords are great for assigning your texts to certain categories. They’re versatile: Novelists may use them to indicate the progress of a chapter (“First Draft”). Copywriters label the texts they’re currently working on (“In Progress”). Bloggers reproduce their blog categories in keywords, as they’re transferred when publishing from within Ulysses. And so on.

With the new version, keywords will become even more useful. On Mac, we added a new way to search your keywords, making it a lot easier for you to spot sheets tagged with a specific one.

Do you see the tiny tag next to group search? It will let you display all keywords in use in a group (and its subgroups as the case may be). With only a click on a keyword, you’ll confine the search results to the sheets that are tagged with it.

You’ll be even able to search for keyword colors, and therefore display only sheets with red keywords, or orange keywords, etc. (For inspiration on how to use keyword colors to improve your workflow, check out this article by novelist Matt Gemmel about tracking points of view.)