The founders of NaNoWriMo chose November wisely for the challenge of writing 50,000 words (a novel), instead of August or March. November is best suited month for such an undertaking, at least in the Northern hemisphere: Wrimos are not as tempted as in other times to let the 50,000 words alone and go swimming or make a barbecue instead. Luckily, because they need an iron will to follow this project through – they can’t make use of temptations.

“What’s the Tool You’re Writing Your Novel With?” – “Ulysses, of Course.”

Wrimos can make use, however, of a tool that helps them tackle this challenge: Ulysses.

And that’s the reason for our offer to the Mac users among the NaNoWriMo participants to write their novels with Ulysses. We’re sponsoring NaNoWriMo for the third year now, and we’re very happy to be once again part of this incredible, exceptional writing event. If you’re a Wrimo, visit our dedicated NaNoWriMo website and download a fully functional trial of Ulysses for Mac you can use for free until December 7, 2016. We also provide a video introduction and an email course, so you can learn all you need to know for mastering NaNoWriMo with Ulysses.

If you’re not a Wrimo but feel like trying Ulyssses for Mac, you’re of course also invited to do so. If you already own Ulysses for Mac, you may know someone who doesn’t, but should take the opportunity to try it – why not let him know?

In addition to the trial, the video and the course we have decided to celebrate NaNoWriMo 2016 with a couple of giveaways. In total, we are going to raffle 50 licenses of Ulysses for Mac during this NaNoWriMo season. If you want to take part, make sure to drop by every now and then to find out how to take part. We’re starting with the first giveaway right now:

Sign up for the Nanowrimo Email Course, and Win a Ulysses for Mac License

We’ll raffle 5 licenses of Ulysses for Mac among all subscribers of the email course “Mastering NaNoWriMo With Ulysses”. You can take part if you sign up for the course until October 31, 2016.

On a cold and rainy November! Good luck!