Hey, we missed our holiday target. Who would have thought, he? ;)

I won’t bore you with stories of how this delay came to be, just know that we hit some blocks and while in the process of crushing these, whole walls came tumbling down.

So we had to reiterate, reconsider, rebuild. Which takes time. And time it took.

But, as I write this, we’re already getting feedback from some brave testers of the first full Ulysses 3 beta. Not just the editor, but the real deal, the whole package. And during the next couple of weeks, as we update this beta with all intended features, we will expand the circle of testers, update the beta, expand again, until we finally get ready for Mac App Store submission.

In the meantime, know this: There’s this other app we’re selling, it’s on iPad, and we’re currently preparing it to run on iPhone and utilize iCloud. And once it does, it will fit right into this one here, just like that, like magic, like… magic.

And so, while I promised not to bore you with stories of how the delay in Ulysses’ release came to be, I probably did with everything else written here, so I’ll stop.

This will be the year.