As a writer, you want your texts to look good and, of course, be free of spelling and grammar errors. Here or there, however, a mistake sneaks in that you may have overlooked. With version 20, we've added an advanced text check to ensure that your texts are accurate and articulate.

With just one click in the dashboard, Ulysses’ built-in grammar and style check analyzes your text and flags potential issues. You can easily fix grammar or spelling issues, and get informed suggestions on redundancy, punctuation, style, and more. Best of all, this powerful tool is available in over 20 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch.

In our new tutorial, we’ve collected everything you need to know about Ulysses’ grammar and style check. Find out how to

  • enable Ulysses’ advanced text check,
  • sift through the check’s suggestion via the dashboard,
  • apply or ignore the check’s recommendations,
  • fix recurring issues all at once, and
  • set your text check preferences.

Read the full tutorial here.