Ulysses 22 is soon to come. This one is for the bloggers — we’re bringing you WordPress post updating and Micro.blog publishing. Plus, we got some exciting smaller treats in stall for you.

Ulysses 22 introduces quite a few tweaks which we invite you to help us test, starting today. Here’s what’s new:

  • Update your previously published WordPress blog posts — those published from within Ulysses — right from export.
  • Publish to your Micro.blog accounts right from Ulysses.
  • Color-customize your group icons in the library.
  • Easily distinguish your headings with the new D22 theme. You may also customize your own theme, of course.
  • On iOS, creating sheets from the library or the sheet list is now much easier.
  • Coming from macOS to iOS: Switching between sheets, Ulysses now remembers your last scroll position. Plus, on iPad you get the new setting “Persistent editor.”
  • On macOS, the markup and navigation panels received an all-new feel, e.g. you can now type to filter. Quick export was touched as well.

Interested to lend us a helping hand and to get a sneak peek of the new features? Then please consider signing up to the beta!

The regular note of caution: A beta is a beta and it’s not thoroughly tested — bugs is what this is all about. The release version should be generally safe to use, however, just be prepared to stumble across the occasional bug. Plus, should worse come to worst, to minimize the risk of data loss, we strongly recommend backing up your data before you get started.

To sign up for the Ulysses 22 beta, this way, please. See you soon!