Still exploring the depths of all that’s new with Ulysses 20? Well, we’re on to the next one. This time, Ulysses is getting a new look plus we’re bringing revision mode, including the advanced grammar and style check, to iOS. The Ulysses 21 beta is officially open!

Ulysses 21 is introducing quite a few changes which we invite you to help us test, starting today. Here’s what we have in stock for you:

  • The introduction of revision mode on iOS, including the advanced grammar and style check.
  • A new look to get Ulysses ready for macOS 11 and iOS 14.

If you would like to lend us a helping hand and are interested in getting a sneak peek of the new features, please consider signing up to the beta!

A note of caution before you jump to the application page: a beta is a beta and it’s not thoroughly tested — it effectively constitutes a large-scale bug hunt. The release version should be generally safe to use, however, just be sure you’re prepared to stumble across a bug or two. And if you are, don’t forget to back up your data properly before you get started.

To sign up for the Ulysses 21 beta, this way, please. See you soon!