Ulysses 19 just hit the App Store, yet the show goes on! For over a year, behind the scenes, we (or rather, some of us) have been working on the new features that shall become Ulysses 20. You can now sign up for the beta program.

There’s some major stuff in the pipeline, which we would like to have tested thoroughly with a larger crowd, starting in May. We're very excited about what's coming, but we need to keep the details under wraps for now. We can only say this much: The following features will definitely be part of Ulysses 20 and therefore subject to beta testing:

  • new attachments,
  • a new navigator,
  • a new dashboard
  • … and an advanced text check.

The last one is the true crown jewel of this release, especially if you’re already familiar with grammar and style checking tools. So, if you would like to help and are interested in getting a sneak peek of the new features, please consider signing up!

During the process, you’ll be prompted to answer a couple of questions. Among other things, we’re interested in the language you write in, what’s your preferred device, and if you’re a VoiceOver user. Your answers will help us ensure that we receive the feedback we need regarding any important subject and all supported languages.

Finally, to be on the safe side, a note on what you should be clear about: a beta is a beta is a beta. The existence of bugs and flaws is not only natural but the heart of the endeavor. If you’re not ready for this, please don’t sign up. If you are, please don’t forget to back up your data properly before it begins.

To sign up for the Ulysses 20 beta, this way please. See you soon!