Yes, with Ulysses version 17 released only two weeks ago, the next version is already in the works!

Version 18 will mainly address Ulysses’ compatibility with Apple’s new operating systems iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina. We’ll integrate the system’s new iPad Split View and the iOS Dark Mode. Ulysses has had these features before, so things won’t change too much in terms of functionality.  Also, the new version adopts Apple’s new icon style on mobile. As always, we would like to make sure that everything works fine, and therefore would appreciate your help with bug-hunting!

In addition to that, version 18 will bringt the ability to use Ulysses’ own file format in external folders. This is bigger than it sounds, as it removes almost all of the limitations when working with these folders. You’ll not only be able to use all of Ulysses’ Markdown XL tags, but also to add writing goals, images, keywords and notes. Dropbox will therefore become a serious alternative for anyone who can’t – or doesn’t want to – rely on iCloud for synchronization. We’re happy about willing testers for this one, too.

You can sign up for the Ulysses 18 beta here.