The idea of losing a half-written thesis or novel and, therefore, years or months of hard work is nothing less than a nightmare. That’s why a proper backup is essential for anyone.

Ulysses takes a good deal of work off your hands as it automatically creates backups for all your texts (except those stored in external folders). You don’t have to do anything to make this work – the backup function is activated per default. Ulysses keeps hourly backups for the previous 12 hours, daily backups for the previous seven days and weekly backups for the previous six months of work. All backups are stored locally on your device. You can access them anytime to restore single sheets or groups.

In addition to that, you can – starting with version 19 on iOS as well – export single backups of your entire text library and save them on an external hard drive or a cloud storage service. If you ever need them again (which is hopefully never) you can import the backups back into Ulysses.

To be on the safe side  we suggest making use of Apple’s built-in backup options for your devices. A Time Machine backup includes the entire data and settings of our Mac. In case of loss or damage, you can configure a new device with the same data and settings as the old one. For iPad and iPhone, there are two options available: either, back them up on your computer, or via iCloud.

For detailed information about backups in Ulysses and in general, please have a look at our in-depth tutorial.

Stay safe and keep your data safe!