I know it was supposed to be a week off, but I just couldn’t wait. So here it is, the first shot of the upcoming preview HUD.

You can call it from the Quick Exporter, and you can have it update in real time. You will be able to switch styles right from this window and export to the chosen preview format.

Like so: Quick Export › PDF › Preview › Switch Styles › Drool & Save…

Preview will just be one part in a set of new options coming to Quick Export. We now have a dedicated action menu/button, which holds Copy to Clipboard, Send as Email (where applicable), Attach to Email (yup) and Preview.

The image above is the HTML preview with no CSS selected, but I believe you can imagine how it will look with a proper style.

As a matter of fact, I would like to encourage you to send us your favorite preview CSS, so we can incorporate it in the final release or at least have it up on the Style Exchange, once this goes live. Just drop us a line, attach the file, and we’ll handle the rest.