As promised, here’s how search works in 1.1: Essentially, it’s a live filter for whatever’s selected in the sidebar. So if you’re looking at Library › All, you will search every little sheet there is in either iCloud, On My Mac or Daedalus.

If you have any specific group or folder selected, it will just search that folder or group, and since you can select multiple groups, well… go figure.

The sheet column will give you a filtered view of only the sheets found matching the search criteria. And since we’re nice guys, you will not only see the sheets, but also a single-line preview of every hit within that sheet.

And yes, these hits are clickably-selectable, and will then jump to and highlight the matches in the editor.

As added bonus, we’re also automatically pushing the entered search term into the editor find panel. This may sound like “what the…”, but from 1.1 onwards, your search & find workflow will be as follows: CMD-SHIFT-F · term · CMD-G.

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